Discmania Neo Enigma


Introducing the Enigma, a game-changing disc that enables players to achieve extraordinary distances with a flight trajectory engineered for effortless soaring down the fairway. Skillfully crafted to blend a high-speed turn with an impressive long-distance fade, the Enigma is perfect for both seasoned players and newcomers alike, allowing them to unlock its full potential.

Experience the Enigma’s graceful glide, initiating with a turn at the start of its flight, while its innate stability gradually kicks in, keeping the disc airborne as it transitions into a smooth fade to complete the journey. This unique balance of understability and stability empowers players to explore a variety of lines based on their release angle.

Expand your arsenal of shots with the Enigma—perfect for hyzers or anhyzers, and add unparalleled distances to any throw in your repertoire.

Speed 12
Glide 5
Turn -1
Fade 3