Thursday Ladies League

Ladies only disc golf, happening Thursdays this summer.  It's a great opportunity to have fun, and meet new friends.  All skill levels welcomed.

2022 Summer League

Attention Ladies.  We’re looking forward to this year’s disc golf ladies' league, running May – September.  Early registration helps us to cover the upfront costs, so we ask if you are able, to register early. 



We will play on Thursday evenings at 6 pm, starting May 19th, and playing until Sep 29.  We may shift the starting time later in the summer to make sure we finish before dark.

In the event that it is required, due to public health guidelines, we may have a staggered start, to make sure everyone can play, while adhering to current regulations.


Who Can Play?

We want to make disc golf as accessible as possible to female players.  Any female payer at any skill level can play, but if young children want to play, we ask that a parent take responsibility and that if they want to play with the group, they adhere to the rules, the same as anyone else.  Our play is relaxed, so if you are a strong player or beginner, we want it to be accessible and fun for all.



Marsh Pond Park, at the corner of Lorne Ave. and St. Vincent St. In Stratford.



The cost of joining the league is $50 for the 2022 season.  This includes your membership into the Ontario Disc Sports Association and your insurance for league play, along with a custom Stratford stamped golf disc, and numbered bag tag.  If you are also a member of the Tuesday Rec League, there will be a discount available since there is no need for your to have a second membership to the ODSA.



We will meet by the first tee each week, where we will break into groups of 3 or 4.  From there, the groups will go out and play two full rounds of the course, first from the red tees, and then from the blue tees.  Live scoring is done via the UDisc app.  After play concludes for the week, points are assigned, and the leader board is updated.


Weekly Scoring

The scoring format is TBD, but it will be based on your scoring from previous weeks, so you're success will be judged against your own past performance, meaning that new players can compete with more seasoned players.


What if I can't make it on Thursday

If you’re unable to make it out on a Tuesday evening, you can play a make-up round.  A make-up round must be witnessed by another league member. Players completing a make-up round must do so after league play but before the next week’s play.  Players cannot make up a block of missed weeks in one go, and also cannot play multiple rounds and “cherry-pick” one round as the make-up round. 

Players playing makeup rounds may not be eligible for all scoring bonuses (like a closest to the pin) that players who play on Thursday will have.  We want to encourage players to play with the group, but understand that things sometimes come up.


We're sorry. Registration for the 2022 Ladies' league is closed. Look for registration to open for next season in the spring of 2023.

2022 Leader Board

Nikki Whiteman
Gail DeLaFranier
Angela Martin
Julie Cottenie